Aerial Property Videos

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Aerial Property Videos

Aerial Property videos by DoubleXAir. We offer a full production service. From concept right through to filming, music and editing.

We are not just a drone company. We are equally as experienced filming from the ground. We have a team of creatives on hand, able to make stunning films at affordable prices.

Using a drone to capture the scale of a property and its surroundings can vastly improve the production value of a video.

This video was set in the beautiful backdrop of snowdonia park in north Wales. There are rules and regulations about using drones in built up areas so a property like this is the ideal location for a video of this type. If you have any questions regarding using drones in your location then please do give us a call for some friendly advice.

We offer a free quotation.

Contact us now if you have a property that would benefit from a beautiful aerial video

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