Its Not All About Drones

Its Not All About Drones

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Its not all about drones.

Although we here at DoubleXAir are passionate about all things to do with drones. I think its important to mention that a drone is really just a platform to carry a camera, much like a steady cam or movi cam. The only difference being that the drone(or as we like to call them UAVs) is a flying object. Whats really important is the image that’s being captured on the camera, and the ability of the person operating the camera to capture it. We hear a lot of bad publicity about drones in the press but there are a handful of us out there who really do believe in using drones for creative purposes. When the weather is playing up and we can’t get in the air we are busy doing what we love on the ground, making films and taking photos. Its as simple as that. Here is a link to my personal photography website.  Please go and have a look if you get a minute. Happy 2016 and fly safe.

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