Feature Film – Drone filming UK

Feature Film – Drone filming UK

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Drone Filming UK – Feature Film

Drone Filming for an upcoming feature film “The Holly Kane Experiment”. We Have been out and about round Sussex recently getting some shots for an upcoming feature film. We can’t say much more than that at this stage.

Its the first time DoubleXAir have been involved in a feature length production like this and it feels like an amazing start to 2016.

Thanks to Tom Sands from Substantial films for getting us onboard with this one.



Holly Kane is an attractive 29-year-old experimental psychologist, whose determined research into mind-control techniques is driven by a fear of insanity. In her quest to control her unconscious thoughts, Holly is experimenting with drug-fuelled subliminal programming when two very different men come into her life.

She is swept off her feet by Dennis Macintyre, a handsome 35-year-old who seems to be impulsive and vulnerable but who conceals a background in the security services.

Meanwhile, her career gets a much-needed boost from Marvin Greenslade, a celebrated 73-year-old psychologist who uses his power and influence to facilitate the clinical trials that will legitimise Holly’s experiments. But Marvin hasn’t told Holly the complete truth either.

When Holly steps up her experiments on herself with more sophisticated equipment and more powerful drugs, she descends into paranoia and madness.

To discover the truth about what’s happening to her, Holly must learn to trust something other than her mind.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Budget: £100k

Length: 90mins

Location: UK

Status: Post-production

Director: Tom Sands

Writer: Mick Sands

Producer: Tom Sands, Phil Harris


  • Kirsty Averton (BBC’s ‘Our Girl’)

  • Nicky Henson (‘Witchfinder General’, ‘Vera Drake’, ‘Syriana’)

  • James Rose

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