27th March 2019
27th March 2019 DoubleXAir

Its not everyday you get asked to work on a project like this. So when being approached last year about filming and photographing the coffee plantations in Guatemala, we jumped at the chance to be on board.The brief was to document the coffee making process and also the incredible landscape in which it grows. The volcanoes in the area and the altitude of the landscape play a key role in producing such exceptional coffee.A brief like this doesn’t come without complications, and although DXA are a small team, the level of planning to get ourselves and our gear safely into the country was no small feat. Also working in a country like Guatemala requires a little local help and advice, not only for safety reasons but also to assist with finding locations, translating and dealing with authorities when required.After 10 days in the country we returned home extremely proud of what we captured. The people we met where fantastic and the locations breathtaking. We can’t wait to share the project with everyone.Watch this space.Jonny DXA x